Welcome to Willow & Slate.

I make and sell products for the home & garden from willow I grow and sustainably coppice. I make a range of attractive and useful home and garden items from quality reclaimed slate.

WILLOW BEAN POLES - AVAILABLE NOW! 8-14FT LONG                          

£1.40 EACH FOR UP TO 20, £1.20 EACH FOR 21+. Also peas sticks (multibranched wilow) £1.50per bunch of 10. All bean poles/peas sticks collection only. Local delivery by arrangement at a small cost.

Its the ideal time of year to order slate plant labels in preparation for the new growing season! SEE THE SLATE PAGE

NEW! Natural sacks. 100% Jute - personailsed, printed and plain.
www.naturalsacks.co.uk  The sister site to Willow & Slate.

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LIVING WILLOW - orders now being taken for the November 2011 - March 2012 season. Cuttings, long "whips" and structures available to plant from November 2011 until late March 2012.

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