All the slate items I make and sell are produced from reclaimed slate which is washed, cleaned, ready for use and protected with "patterning oil" to maintain a dark lustrous hue.
Now is the ideal time to organise and label all your plants.

Slate plant labels

Labels for plants, place settings, wine cellars and many other uses in rectangular, square and circlular shapes.

LONG PLANT LABELS approx 32cm (13") long x 3.5cm (1.5") wide inc. point
£1.65 each or 5 for £7.50 (saving £0.75*)

SHORT PLANT LABELS approx 16cm (6.5") long x 3.5cm (1.5") wide inc. point
£1.35 each or 5 for £6.25 (saving £0.50*)

HANGING LABELS approx 16cm (6.5") long x 3.5cm (1.5") wide with 1 hole
£1.45 each or 5 for £6.50 (saving £0.75*)

RECTANGULAR HANGING LABELS approx 8cm (3.25") long x 5cm (2") wide with 1 centred hole
£1.65 each or 5 for £7.25 (saving £1.00*)
*compared to buying singles

Slate chalkboards, memoboards, key rings,  name plates & larger labels

So you never forget anything again...

SMALL CHALKBOARD with natural twine and chalk. 15cm (6") long x 11cm (4") wide approx. £4.00 each
MEDIUM CHALKBOARD with natural twine and chalk. 20cm (8") long x 12cm (5") wide approx. £5.00 each
LARGE CHALKBORAD with natural twine and chalk. 25cm (10") long x 15cm (6") wide approx. £6.00 each

MEMOBOARDS Dimensions as above but with a hole on each short side and supplied with 2 brass screws & cups for you to fix in place. 

KEY RINGS written with any name you require £1.50 each

Name plates and larger labels
I can make any size of label or slate product. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Commisisons and other items

I will happily make any slate or willow items for you, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements. 

Writing on slate & slate care

LIQUID CHALK PENS - white £3.00 each

MEDIUM 1mm bullet tip -White, Gold or Silver £3.00 each

WHITE CHALK (12 in a box) £0.60 each
COLOURED CHALK (12 various colurs in a box) £0.80 each

Chalk is the traditional method for writing on slate and this is still a great way to leave your temporary message, especially on the hanging chalkboards and memoboards.

An easier way is to use liqiud chalk pens - these leave clearer writing on slate and the message is semi-permanent. The writing can be removed with a good scrub using window cleaner i.e. Windolene.

Fully truly permanant marking on slate use a paint marker pen.

Treated with consideration and non-aggresive cleaning slate should last a lifetime - don't forget slate is already many billions of years old!