£1.40 EACH FOR UP TO 20. £1.20 EACH FOR 21+. Peasticks (multibranced willow) £1.50 per bunch of 10. Collection only on bean poles/pea sticks or delivery in Notts by arrangement for a small charge.

Living Willow Cuttings - available November 2011 - March 2012

Pre-orders now being taken and posted from Novemeber.

Cut and dried (non-living) willow is available all year round.


Living Willow cuttings 10" (25cm) long £0.70 each or 10 for £5.00 

Value selection 40 x 10" (25cm) cuttings of your choice from the varieties below £17.00 (save £3 compared to buying them in 10's) 

Salix Viminalis "Bowles Hybrid". The one for willow sculptures & structures, "fedges", firewood/biomass production. Straight green stems, VERY vigorous - upto 12ft growth per year.

Salix Triandra "Black Maul". Forms a small bush/tree. Grows upto 6 ft a year. Dark brown/black straight stems. Traditionally used for basket making.

Salix Daphnoides Aglaia "Violet Willow". Very good purple/red colour. Looks great in winter and has gorgeous white/silver fluffy catkins in late winter/early spring. Quite vigorous, upto 9ft per year. Used near orchards apparently to assist in polination as loved by bees.

Salix Candida. Very attractive with thicker stems, large “furry” grey-green leaves and large yellow catkins in late winter/early spring. Grows upto 4-5ft per year.

Salix Tortuosa "Corkscrew Willow".  3 x 10" (25cm) cuttings for £3 with each additional cutting for £0.75.
Very attractive green twisted leaves and branches. Can be kept as a small shrub if cut back every year. Grows 2 feet or so a year. Used for flower arranging and dried in vases. Adds interesting structure to a winter garden.

S.Viminalis "Bowles Hybrid"


S. Triandra "Black Maul"


S. Daph. Aglaia "Violet"


S. Totuosa "Corkscrew"


Living willow cuttings - long 2-10ft (0.6-3m)#

S. Viminalis, S. Triandra, S. Daphionodes Agalia and S.Candida (see "Willow Cuttings" above for variety descriptions) 
2ft-4ft £1.50 each
5ft plus £2.00 each
# Please note postage on these items over 2ft (60cm) is charged to you at cost. Collection can be arranged on these items.

Willow catkins available January 2011 - til late March 2012

Gorgeous catkins available in season:
Salix Candida - Large furry catkins. 6 stems x 18-24" (45-60cm) long £4.00
Salix Daphnoides Aglia "Violet Willow" - red stems with silver catkins. 6 stems x 18-14" (45-60cm) long £4.00
Please Contact Us for wholesale floristry orders and discounts.

Decorations - inc. willow stars

All stars are various colours.

10 x small stars approx 2" (5cm) at the widest £3.50
5 x medium stars
approx 4" (10cm) at the widest £3.50
3 x large stars approx 7" (18cm) at the widest £3.50
1 x giant star approx 18" (45cm) at the widest and stands approx 2ft (60cm) high £3.00

Commissions, willow sculptures, willow kits, living willow 2011/12 pre-orders, willow planting and aftercare, florists supplied and other items

A full willow planting and aftercare service is available now. This can include spiral treeguards, 100% biodegradable mulch mats, biodegradable mulch pegs and a full aftercare service.  All work underatken is covered by public laibilty insurance.

Willow sculptures and living willow kits. A full range will be available for the Nov 2009 - March 2010 willow planting season. Pre-orders being taken now.

All living willow cuttings. Pre-orders being taken now for the Nov 2009 - March 2010 willow planting season.

Floristry. A range of seasonal willow can be supplied specifically for the floristry trade.

Commissions and other items. I can make virtually any willow product you require. Contact Us for full details.